Active Engagement Debut

Good Evening,

Tonight, I am tasked with a simple, definitive goal: to welcome each and every one of you accordingly to this journey, which has been christened into being as “Active Engagement.” I will not drag on with the nonessential, obtrusive details as to who I am or what provoked my decision to give life to this expedition, but rather depict the fabric of the woven material that this page shall grow into.

“Active Engagement” as a stand-alone phrase may seem rather erroneous, such to the extent of becoming a ‘double-positive’ arrangement within an anagram. However, in the context of this blog, an outreach program of sorts in its own right, it is a two-step system. A two-step system may initially seem rather schematic, but it is unique in every connotation, and has a substantial impact towards developing a final product. In this particular context, the two-step system will be an overarching challenge which exploits the very character of each and every individual I am speaking to today. It is my goal to help this audience unify as a collective front against the moral deprivation which wreaks havoc upon our society today.

The first step of this journey involves taking ‘action.’ Action isn’t limited to any one particular definition, but rather the ability to use one’s initiative toward overcoming a goal. I believe that each and every reader has the ability to take action in their own definitive way. That is why, in part, I am creating this initiative. It is not a matter of why one will not take action, but a matter of how. And in that essence, I seek to provide you with a plethora of platforms to give your ability to act an opportunity to do just that— act.

‘Engagement,’ too, can take upon a multitude of meanings. In the connotation of my message to you, it is systemic and crucial to the success of this initiative. It is pivotal for each and every person to engage in newfound projects and opportunities in life, and this happens to fall into that pattern. In order to succeed in living up to this message, one must engage and express their intent. I believe that many readers have already grown engaged in new aspects of their life, which is why this step of the process may seem nonessential; however, I must be blunt: if one has no desire to engage and take initiative, there is only so much that they can achieve in terms of growth. I urge everyone to engage in the challenges facing them in life today.

If that wasn’t dragging on, I seemingly do not know what would classify as such. Unfortunately, for better or for worse, I have a tendency to follow that pattern in most compositions. I will be clear with my audience at this moment: this is a message of inspiration, not empowerment, of unity, not decisiveness, of continuity of progress, not of reactionary conservatism. I will avoid commentary of today’s politics in almost all instances on a partisan spectrum, but at times direct correlations must and will be established. Rest assured, this blog will remain nonpartisan on most fronts until further notice.

We are in an impeccable, profound moment as a community, as a nation, as a global stature, and we must seize this moment to continue the substantial progress we have made to this point. For the sake of formality, this will be classified as my first post. However, my first address will be issued tomorrow regarding a rather pressing matter at this moment in our existence.

Until then,

– C. Lewis

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