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Hello readers,

If you find yourself reading this at any point in your life, and wish to obtain a new philosophy on not only politics, but life in itself, perhaps you may have found your home here. Although this service is very youthful, it will foster into something remarkable over time. Never doubt your ability to captivate change and spread unity, prosperity, and clarity to others. We are in a prudent position to do just that. I intend to offer my input on a variety of topics over the coming years through this medium, and hope you will become a full-time resident here with me on this journey. Always understand this message: You will never be left behind, or silenced in this atmosphere. Whatever challenges you may face beyond the realms of this forum can be discarded, as I hope for you to engage with the topics at hand. The title of this movement, after all, is not intended to nominally be ‘Active Engagement.’ Please visit to find out more about this movement.

Movement Leadership

This movement cannot cross the finish line without proper leadership to guide it there. Currently, we host one contributor and a growing community of readers. If you feel that you can contribute in an editorial way towards this forum, do not hesitate to reach out to an active contributor.

Active Contributors:

  • Cameron J. Lewis (President): I am currently the sole proprietor of this movement’s contributing board. While I hold a great amount of pride in expressing my views transparently on this medium, I certainly hope for more members to grow into the role which the title of this revolution inspires. I am honored, regardless, that anyone wishes to hear the voice of the common American citizen and their opinion on current events transpiring in the world. We clearly need to hear the voices of more common Americans if we are ever to fully bring prosperity to their fiscal classes. I will continue to act as a voice which promotes accountable, transparent leadership guided by integrity and the ability to listen. I hope you all will join me in that fight.