Flattening the Curve

Good Evening,

In a moment of undeniable tragedy, I am formally making my first address to you all. I cannot proceed forward without sending my deepest condolences to all of the families out there who have lost someone to this pandemic. I, along with many others around this country, are sending our prayers to those who are struggling at this time. As you may be aware, I did issue a post last night, but I view that post as a organizational necessity rather than any matter of diligence. Tonight, we are continuing to progress forward into times of uncertainty, of certain grief being endured by countless families and communities throughout our world. This is not a typical, standardized message of how to can flatten the curve though. This is a mandate, an instruction I would hope that all follow, to make this situation less dubious than it requires. This message should help to increase the curve of social recognition towards others who are struggling. And with that, I’d like to share my observations with you all.

Trips, beach parties, and late-night antics at the local bars. These are the events that are trending across social platforms. Rather than adhering to proper CDC-issued guidelines, the youth of America finds this sudden break from normalcy as an opportunity to celebrate and go on vacation. I was initially shocked to see the sheer number of millennials and ‘zoomers’ who felt that this virus was nothing to mind and should continue to life live at its fullest. I am typically in line with such a sentiment of enjoying life, but I am utterly dumbfounded by their lack of responsibility & intellect to make rational decisions in these truly unparalleled times. It is always wise to act with a proportional quantity of precaution when dealing with any situation. In this particular scenario, we must respond with a grave amount of precaution if we wish to flatten the curve in even a minimal manner.

I am not a scientist, a politician, or anyone of relevance when it comes to formulating the response to this crisis. However, I feel that I must make my opinion clear to those in power at this moment: focus on helping the majority of this country to the best of your ability, and then raise that sentiment exponentially. In times of crises, rational decision-making is often hard to conjure up, however, this is a very unique moment. You see, we are being attacked by an unseen enemy. As such, our response must too be cohesive, working together as a unit to overcome it. Now is not the time for decisiveness, for political games, for media name-smearing, and so on. Presently, we must act in every way possible to overcome this issue, and then rectify the aftermath upon destroying the virus itself.

Scientists must be the ‘point-men’ on this situation, not politicians. And with that being said, press conferences are a phenomenal concept when they seek to diffuse knowledge critical to the prevention of spreading COVID-19. I am beyond satisfied with the clear, intellectual briefings being made at the state level. Just look towards New York and Pennsylvania, and how phenomenal their leadership has done with laying out the information in a concise, pragmatic manner. I remain hopeful that such press conferences will take place at the national level in the immediate future. I am displeased, to say the least, with what the daily task force briefings are being made into now— a political kiss-up to the boss sitcom. This a time for disciplined, compassionate leadership, not for egotistical ploys which take focus off the goal: defeating the virus in its tracks.

Tonight, I am not making any political endorsements. However, I hope that each and every one of you at home take time to evaluate how each candidate is responding to this virus, and how it is/can be affecting your life. Hypotheticals are great to ponder, but irrelevant and quite idiotic to mull over at this point in time. The Trump administration will be in office until January 2021 regardless of how this virus plays out, much to the dismay of some. I encourage everyone to back the administration until the situation is rectified, the curve has been lowered, and we begin to turn our attention back to our typical livelihood. I understand that it may not be in agreement with your political philosophy, but in times of tragedy, our nation always finds a way to unite and overcome as one. We must find common ground to meet this matter with the same approach. Fracturing and in-fighting will accomplish nothing and cost countless numbers of lives. I assure you, political fallout from this ordeal is beyond a certainty, but that must be held off so we don’t risk the chances of putting our loved ones in danger a second longer than necessary.

Mr. President, I must also address this matter directed towards the other side. As such, I implore you and your fellow GOP leadership to reach across the isle and come to terms on legislation which benefits the most heavily impacted: the middle class. This is not the time for calling out the media, for declaring substantial matters a ‘hoax’, for decimating your doubters with demonic insults. This is the time to be a LEADER. You ran for president to be the leader of the free world, so I’d encourage you to follow suit in our darkest hour more than ever. A worthwhile attribute of a leader is a personal trait called empathy, as is sympathy. I would welcome you to hone in those tactics into your arsenal if only for this moment alone. Our leader must be able to look people in the eye and say “We can get through this”, or “I understand your pain”. These are phrases that many would like to hear in these times, not your symbolic, stolid tone which lacks any human connection. If you make these adjustments, and meet this moment with the dutiful amount of respect it deserves, history may look upon you in a more fond manner. As for your briefings, led the scientists talk, and stand in the background and support their advisements, don’t contradict them. My friends, we are definitely in uncharted waters. However, I remain optimistic about the future, about our potential to overcome this, and about our ability to unite as Americans when all is said and done. To be honest, patriotism can be exhibited in a multitude of ways, and is not a trademark of any one party. We must all carry a sense of pride as Americans when all is said and done, check upon one another, uplift one another, spread a sense of community amongst one another. I believe that should be common practice, but acknowledge that in this vastly changing world, that is sadly not reality. Yet, in times of universal struggle, that tendency always finds a way to sneak back into our beings and nudge us to make that effort. I hope to find a similar outcome in this instance.

As always, I hope that you all keep safe and well. I would also like to give a special recognition to those on the front lines of this battle: doctors, nurses, all medical personal and first responders. Additionally, all local stores and restaurants for continuing to ensure that the communities around the globe are cared for and given the resources necessary to survive. As Americans, we have a nack to conjure up pragmatic solutions to the significant obstacles that pop up in our journey. I ensure you, we will find one for this predicament as well.


– C. Lewis

One thought on “Flattening the Curve

  1. In terms of future statements, I will be rather limited as we continue to monitor this situation. I issue updates as necessary to this subject line. As always, adhere to CDC guidelines and monitor warnings prior to engaging in any public interactions.


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